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BISQL # 83 – Laymen to SQL Developer # 7 – Assignment #1 – Part #6 – Storage manager, Query Processing ,Transaction Management and Internals

Hi friends,

Lets continuing from my last post of Assignment 1 ..

In this article we are covering

  • What is Storage manager ?
  • Issues in Storage Manger
  • Query Processing
  • Query Processing Unit
  • Query Processing Details
  • What is Transaction Management ?
  • Database System Internals
  • Database Architecture components
    What is Storage manager ?

Storage manager is a program module that provides the interface between the low-level data stored in the database and the application programs and queries submitted to the system.

The storage manager is responsible to the following tasks:

  • Interaction with the file manager
  • Efficient storing, retrieving and updating of data
    When I was kid I am confused is storage manger is humane being n all Smile..
    But it just program module which will help you when u don’t aware of it !!!

Issues in Storage Manger:

  • Storage access
  • File organization
  • Indexing and hashing
  • Query Processing

  • Parsing and translation
  • Optimization
  • Evaluation
  • Query Processing Unit image

Query Processing Details

Alternative ways of evaluating a given query

  • Equivalent expressions
  • Different algorithms for each operation

Cost difference between a good and a bad way of evaluating a query can be enormous

Need to estimate the cost of operations

  • Depends critically on statistical information about relations which the database must maintain
  • Need to estimate statistics for intermediate results to compute cost of complex expressions

What is Transaction Management ?

  • What if the system fails?
  • What if more than one user is concurrently updating the same data?
  • A transaction is a collection of operations that performs a single logical function in a database application
  • Transaction-management component ensures that the database remains in a consistent (correct) state despite system failures (e.g., power failures and operating system crashes) and transaction failures.
  • Concurrency-control manager controls the interaction among the concurrent transactions, to ensure the consistency of the database.

Database System Internalsimage

Database Architecture components

The architecture of a database systems is greatly influenced by

the underlying computer system on which the database is running:

  • Centralized
  • Client-server
  • Parallel (multi-processor)
  • Distributed
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