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BI SQL # 167 : SQL Server DBA Scripts : List all Locks of the Current Database

Hi Folks,

In this article we are going to cover How to List all Locks of the Current Database.

In this post we are going to discuss following points:

  • Problem Statement of SQL Script:
  • Description of SQL Script:
  • SQL Script Output Column
  • SQL Script Code
  • User Level to execute

    Problem Statement of SQL Script:

    Find List of all Locks of the Current Database.

    Description of SQL Script:

    This Transact-SQL script list all locks with details currently existing in the selected database. With this script you can check exclusive locked object watching lock escalation during long running DML statements, e.g. from key to page to object lock watch what happens when you run a DBCC command like Index Defrag or Shrink Database which index is used to validate a (foreign key) constraint.

    SQL Script Output Column


    SQL Script Code

    SELECT TL.resource_type AS ResType
        ,TL.resource_description AS ResDescr
        ,TL.request_mode AS ReqMode
        ,TL.request_type AS ReqType
        ,TL.request_status AS ReqStatus
        ,TL.request_owner_type AS ReqOwnerType
        ,TAT.[name] AS TransName
        ,TAT.transaction_begin_time AS TransBegin
        ,DATEDIFF(ss, TAT.transaction_begin_time, GETDATE()) AS 
        ,ES.session_id AS S_Id
        ,ES.login_name AS LoginName
        ,PARIDX.NAME AS IndexName
        ,ES.host_name AS HostName
        ,ES.program_name AS ProgramName
    FROM sys.dm_tran_locks AS TL
    INNER JOIN sys.dm_exec_sessions AS ES ON TL.request_session_id = ES
    LEFT JOIN sys.dm_tran_active_transactions AS TAT ON TL.
        request_owner_id = TAT.transaction_id
        AND TL.request_owner_type = 'TRANSACTION'
    LEFT JOIN sys.objects AS OBJ ON TL.resource_associated_entity_id = 
        AND TL.resource_type = 'OBJECT'
    LEFT JOIN sys.partitions AS PAR ON TL.
        resource_associated_entity_id = PAR.hobt_id
        AND TL.resource_type IN (
    LEFT JOIN sys.objects AS PAROBJ ON PAR.object_id = PAROBJ.object_id
    LEFT JOIN sys.indexes AS PARIDX ON PAR.object_id = PARIDX.object_id
        AND PAR.index_id = PARIDX.index_id
    WHERE TL.resource_database_id = DB_ID()
        AND ES.session_id <> @@Spid -- Exclude "my" session 
        -- optional filter  
        AND TL.request_mode <> 'S' -- Exclude simple shared locks 
    ORDER BY TL.resource_type

    User Level to execute


    Hope you will like How to List all Locks of the Current Database.

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