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List of Monthly post of MS BI,SQL & Link Blog – December 2011

Hi friends,

               Firstly Happy new year to all of you and May you have a heart of courage, a mind of will and may you get whatever you desire always at you will again Happy New Year

              I am really thankful for all my readers , subscribers , well-wishers, friends and everyone who is related to me n specially to my parents to support me for my blogging in 2011 . 


I posting this one day prior as I know its most useful now only ,Also I need to wrap a lot of this and also specify one full fledge one year summery for my all blogs.

As I have automated link resource blog I am getting much more time towards other blogs !

Now following is list of monthly post in last month December 2011

Following are link of BI Mentalist Blog



Following are link of Link Resource i.e Link Mentalist Blog


    Just small summery of all my blogs for Year 2011

    Link Resource Blog >> Covered 40 Blog Post including almost 10000 of Links

SQL Server Mentalist >> Covered 92 Post with  Special 82 SQL Post including lots of scripts

Business Intelligence Mentalist >>Covered 114 Blog post with Special MSBI 60 Post including SSIS 24 ,SSAS 15 and SSRS 9 post with all future and present information in BI World

I also special thanks to all Mentalist Network Supporters

Ganesh : Continuing ASP.NET,WCF,MVC and many more article in Microsoft Mentalist Blog  

Sunil :Continuing MS BI posting in very special and organize way in MSBI Mentalist Blog

Abhijeet  : Specialized posting on his Business Intelligence Software’s in Tech Mentalist

Sushant ,Prashant (All 5 who know me Smile ) : For future support and giving support


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