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BISQL # 69–Laymen to SQL Developer # 1 – Introduction to brand New SQL Server Zero to Basics Series

Hi folks ,

                  One of my very good friend ( Sonal ) is from less technical background but has a very good huge experience in US Healthcare Domain,she wants to learn SQL Server from basics to developer so that she can be participate ,learn and give more inputs in Technical domain .

                  Before starting anything I want to tell you one of learning of my childhood in Biological Subject (in XII) from professor who told this  in one of class “If a person can tress back his knowledge from seeds i.e where he/she have started understanding X subject or topic and in that same sequence he can teach to any other person for others understanding those who don’t have knowledge for X subject and this tress back and teaching process helps both person who is learning will get everything from basic to expert and person who is teaching will become master in X subject”


               So by keeping this process in my mind I have started collecting and tress baking whole my knowledge regarding SQL server from my college days to IT Experience and formed 10 assignment with help od sonal.This assignment are nothing but by special posting for SQL from 0 to Developer series.

In this series I will explain each and everything for SQL Server from very basic knowledge which transforms Laymen to Basic SQL Developer

Hope this series will help lot of people for gathering knowledge regarding SQL server

Most of my topics may seems to irrelevant for SQL Server believe me that’s key points to make understand someone how ,why ,where,when,which in SQL server

The person who is really hardworking and dedicated and wants SQL Server Knowledge from scratch must go through this series

I really wants to thanks Sonal for helping me out for this and making each assignment and post very special.

As this assignments are really self study for her and really done good job from her end and forcing me to form this series for everyone.

Hope all reader will give me good response and if you wish you can give me more inputs as well as where ever necessary please ask me more explanation for any of the topics !!

Now lets start with this series from today only :

Just following naming convention of each of my post for example

if post header is :

BISQL # 69SQL Zero to Basic # 2 Assignment #1 Part #1 Forming base ground for SQL Server and Understanding Need and Why DataBase exist

so above header is decode and study or consider as

BISQL # 69 – Serial number of SQL post in SQL Server Mentalist Website

SQL Zero to Basic # 2 – Serial number for SQL Zero to Basic Series

Assignment #1 – Assignment Covered in this post

Part #1 – Sequence Number for Assignment Part

Hope you will enjoy this series and have fun  !!

Those who are really from non IT background they can also join me and suggest me more if they required .

Once again thanks to Sonal for encouraging me to create this type of series !!


Enjoy and Happy Learning !!

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  1. sonal
    December 1, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken to make me understand.
    I really appreciate the way you are helping me and encouraging me to learn SQL.
    I thank you again for the wonderful work of sharing knowlege.

    • December 1, 2011 at 5:40 pm

      I should actually thank u !! 🙂 for you u r interest and also sharing assignment with me !!
      Thanks for taking time n commenting on my blog dear !!

  1. January 3, 2012 at 10:20 pm

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