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BISQL # 102 : Discontinued Database Engine Functionality in SQL Server 2012

Hi Folks ,

There are some Database Engine features that are no longer available in SQL Server 2012, But for some of the features there is replacement in some or other form.

We will discuss them all in this post ..

SQL server 2012 Discontinued some features from following category , Which we summaries in this post with consideration of following points

  • Backup and Restoreimage
  • Compatibility level
  • Configuration Options
  • Connection protocols
  • Database objects
  • Database options
  • Mail
  • Memory Management
  • Metadata
  • Programmability
  • Query hints
  • Remote servers
  • Security
  • Service Broker programmability in SMO
  • SET options
  • System tables
  • Transact-SQL
  • Transact-SQL syntax
  • XEvents


Now lets Discuss one by one in details :

Backup and Restore

BACKUP { DATABASE | LOG } WITH PASSWORD and BACKUP { DATABASE | LOG } WITH MEDIAPASSWORD are discontinued and replace by RESTORE { DATABASE | LOG } WITH [MEDIA]PASSWORD continues to be deprecated.


Compatibility level

80 compatibility levels now replaced “Databases must be set to at least compatibility level 90.”

Configuration Options

sp_configure ‘user instance timeout’ and ‘user instances enabled’ now replaced Use the Local Database feature. For more information, see SqlLocalDB Utility

Connection protocols

Support for the VIA protocol is discontinued now replaced Use TCP instead.

Database objects

WITH APPEND clause on triggers now replaced with  Re-create the whole trigger.

Database options

sp_dboption now replaced ALTER DATABASE


SQL Mail now replaced with Use Database Mail

Memory Management

32-bit Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) and 32-bit Hot Add memory support now replaced for Use a 64-bit operating system.




SQL Server Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) now replaced with SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)

Query hints

FASTFIRSTROW hint now replaced with OPTION (FAST n).

Remote servers

The ability for users to create new remote servers by using sp_addserver is discontinued. sp_addserver with the ‘local’ option remains available.

Remote servers preserved during upgrade or created by replication can be used  now replaced with Replace remote servers by using linked servers.


  • sp_dropalias now replaced with Replace aliases with a combination of user accounts and database roles. Use sp_dropalias to remove aliases in upgraded databases.
  • The version parameter of PWDCOMPARE representing a value from a login earlier than SQL Server 2000 is discontinued. now replaced with None Sad smile

Service Broker programmability in SMO

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Broker.BrokerPriority class no longer implements the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.IObjectPermission interface. now none

SET options

SET DISABLE_DEF_CNST_CHK now replaced with None

System tables

sys.database_principal_aliases now replaced with “Use roles instead of aliases.”


RAISERROR in the format RAISERROR integer ‘string’ is discontinued. is replaced with “Rewrite the statement using the current RAISERROR(…) syntax.”

Transact-SQL syntax

COMPUTE / COMPUTE BY now replaced with Use ROLLUP

Use of *= and =* now replaced Use ANSI join syntax


databases_data_file_size_changed, databases_log_file_size_changed Replaced by database_file_size_change event, database_file_size_change

databases_log_file_used_size_changed Replaced by database_file_size_change event

locks_lock_timeouts_greater_than_0 Replaced by lock_timeout_greater_than_0

locks_lock_timeouts Replaced by ock_timeout


Discontinued Database Engine Functionality in SQL Server 2012 .. MSDN 

Hope this helps and you got Discontinued Database Engine Functionality in SQL Server 2012!!

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