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BISQL # 35 :Deep dive into Identity Functions in SQL {Identity Part–II}


Hi Friends,

Continuing from my last post on identity :BISQL # 34 :What is Identity IN SQL {Identity Part–I} « SQL Server Mentalist


Today we are going to discuss about function in related to Identity in SQL Server

Sometimes its necessary or business requirement when we have capture Identity. This we can achieve by following three ways which are nothing but SQL Server Function :SCOPE_IDENTITY(), @@IDENTITY and IDENT_CURRENT() functions.

Lets discuss one by one

  1. SCOPE_IDENTITY : This function returns the last identity value generated for any table in the current session and the current scope.
  2. @@IDENTITY:This function returns the last identity value generated for any table in the current session, across all scopes.
  3. IDENT_CURRENT:This function returns the last identity value generated for a specific table in any session and any scope.

The above mention  functions are used to retrieve IDENTITY value for single record inserts.

But Believe it will not support for multiple inserts.So how we are going to achieve that:

Lets say I have tblName table in my Database

[Name] VARCHAR(100)
INSERT INTO [DBO].[tblName ] ([Name]) VALUES (Vishal);
INSERT INTO [DBO].[tblName ] ([Name]) VALUES (Pawar);

Now if we check following query


We have output as 2

Some facts about above function:
  • SELECT @@IDENTITY:- If a trigger was fired for the INSERT, the value of @@IDENTITY might have changed.
  • SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY:- If an INSERT trigger also inserted a row that contained an identity column, it would be in a different scope.
  • SELECT IDENT_CURRENT(‘Customer’): – To know the last IDENTITY value inserted in a specific TABLE from any application or user.

We will have some more aspect on Identity in upcoming post

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Hope this helps !!

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Hope you will like this post on Identity functions in SQL Part II.

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