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BISQL # 34 :What is Identity IN SQL {Identity Part–I}


Hi Friends,

We often use Identity Column in SQL Server DB,Lets go through each and every aspect of Identity


Some Facts about Identity :
  • The IDENTITY property makes generating unique values easy.
  • IDENTITY is not data type.
  • IDENTITY is a column property.
  • IDENTITY make column unique throughout
  • Oracle does not support Identity Smile
Example for Identity

Ex: CREATE TABLE IdentityDemo(IdentityDemo_id smallint IDENTITY NOT NULL, IdentityDemo_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL)

In above example the system function @@IDENTITY contains the last identity value used by the connection.

Setup for Identity

If you are designing table in SSMS then its very easy to make identity column

Step 1- Select Column that you want to make as identity

Ex:Lets say I have audit table and I wan make AuditID as my identity column as shown below


Stpe 2:After Selecting AuditID move to column properties


Step 3 : Now search identity Tab


Step 4: Open this tab and make IS Identity fields as Yes as shown



After making Yes


And don’t forget to click on save details of table

We will have some more aspect on Identity in upcoming post

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Hope this helps !!


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Hope you will like this post on Identity IN SQL Part I.

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