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Year 2012 – Thanks , Review Stats, Summaries and Some Memories and Good Bye !

Hi all ,

Thanks for all your support, comments, wishes, likes following my blogs.Special thanks to my wife who also came in my life as a angel in this year only 2012.

My readers and viewers/visitors are my real strength. 

Following are some stats of year 2012(Click on any link for more details):







Thanks from the bottom of my heart My Guru – Shree Sadguru Bramha Chaitanya Godawalekar Maharaj , Who engorges , directs and motivates all time in my life.

Last but not list thanks to Aai and Tatya.

||  Shree Ram Samarth || 

Hope this helps !!

Those who have not ye subscribe my Blog yet they can subscribe it !So that I can post you @ real time and all sort of knowledge in your mail without Zero spamming !!

Happy Learning and Sharing !!

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