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List of Monthly post of MS BI,SQL & Link Blog – April 2012

Hi Friends,

I have started blogging back in late Feb 2011 , Now almost more that year and month ,Really happy to share , collect and explain knowledge in all way from my three blog.

I always post summery of blog @ end month if any of my reader have missed any post .

I am really getting nice response from LinkedIn also from my recent article on SQL server 2012 , connect me on (| F|T|L|G|W|R|) whichever is easy for you.

Hope you will keep reading and sharing ..

Following are link of my SQL Server Mentalist Blog 5 basic tutorial


Following are link of BI Mentalist Blog


Following are link of Link Resource i.e Link Mentalist Blog

Some one has really said true words :

“Achievement results from work realizing ambition.” — Adam Ant

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