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BISQL # 87 – Why DB Diagram doesn’t Work !! OR How to enable Database Diagram

Hi friends ,

Today we will see how to get ready to use Database Diagram !!

I have observer that there is lot mystery behind many SQL Serve functionalities and use ..

But Sometime with proper guidance’s and some googleing we can resolve all mysteries

Here is one which I get most of the time which is I guess just installation setup error


We will see this error on clicking in on Diagram


Lets dig more !!


What this message shows !!


Frankly we will not get any anything from this  !! so just cut off it


Following is way how we should fix this

On Database right click n click on properties


It will open following window with lot of Database information


And see what there in Owner field : Domain name / User name which is the man problem Thumbs down what we re discussing ,So lets change this 


Change this to sa


Now lets gain try one last time


So this screen will pop up as this first Data base Diagram on Current DB


Click on yes and you are good to go to create new diagram


Ready to use !!

Hope this helps !!

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