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BISQL # 53 : SQL Server Denali Feature # 3 – AlwaysOn (Concept ,Introduction and Architecture)

Hi friends ,

Continuing from my last post on various Denali features in following post

Today we are going to look into AlwaysOn feature of SQL Server Denali

Topics covers in this article are as follows

  • What us current Systems provides
  • What Always on Provides ?
  • What are “Availability Groups”?
  • Features for Always On
  • Basic Functionality overview
  • Comment on always on
    Current SQL Server High Availability Today

Enterprise customers are being successful in Dell, HP, Bwin, ServiceU, CareGroup, BigHammer

but in that we have following problems  such as

  • Solutions fragmented
  • Lack important flexibility points
    Always on provides

—Combines Best of Mirroring and Clustering

—Can allow for backups to be read

What are “Availability Groups”?

Availability groups are set of failover partners (a.k.a availability replicas) to provide high availability to user database in Denali.

Also AlwaysOn Availability Groups is a new feature that enhances and combines database mirroring and log shipping capabilities

Features of AlwaysOn is as shown in MSDN PPTs


Functionality of always on



What Always provides

In application failover Application reconnects using a virtual name after a failover to a secondary

Following is failover scenario how Always on performs –


Comment on AlwaysOn

In Short always on can be conclude as

Simpler and Unified in which

  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances
  • Rich built in management experience
  • AlwaysOn Systems Center Management Pack

Important Gaps Filled where

  • Improved Online Operations
  • Better health analysis
  • Less patching via Windows Server Core
  • Support NAS/Remove drive letter limitations

Consistent, Solid Foundation in which

  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups becomes common substrate for future enhancements, and traditional Enterprise Box business

Hope this helps !!

Thanks for reading my blog !!

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