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BISQL # 48 : How to Generate SELECT script for all tables in a Database


Hi Friends,

Can you just guess what query we fired @ very first time when we go to SQL Server Management Studio !!

Off course its nothing but Select * from <Some Table> !!

Today I just come across very nice article to get rid of this too when we have lots of table and if you want to always query lots of table with Select * from … and again Select * from … Smile

So what I am going to do for this ??

At the end of this post i.e Third Step I have given direct solution but most important how I have reach till that script ..

We will use following database as shown for this demonstration


Step 1 : Get all information about tables in database

This script will Give output as all table info of given DB

 SELECT * FROM sys.tables

Show all details :


Step 2 :Get only names of tables in entire database

This script is as simple as above just have to select name form above query

 SELECT NAME FROM sys.tables

This will give output to 29 tables for this DB


Step 3 : Now use the following tricky script to simply genrate select * for All table for given db

 SELECT 'SELECT * FROM' +' '+'['+NAME +']'+' '+'GO' FROM sys.tables

Output is as simple as follows


Now it just matter of copy paste the things from SSMS output to SSMS query plan


I know this diagrams can are quite large but I don’t want to left a single doubt in my readers understanding.

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Hope you will like this post on generating Select script for all tables in Database.

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