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BISQL # 42 : How to find count of all the records in all the table or for specific table


Hi Friends,

We know we can find the row count just by having COUNT() function but still if we wand to show or during DW building we will always have to fire count script.

So why don’t we have all row count at on shot
Here we go !!!
Today i just got interesting script where i can find all row count at the one shot in all table ,we just have to fire the query


    name, CAST(NULL AS INT) AS NumRows
    INTO #tables
    FROM sys.sysobjects
    WHERE  xtype = 'U'
           --  AND
           --name LIKE '<Expected Table names>%'      

      SELECT TOP 1 @DBObjectID = name
      FROM #tables
      WHERE NumRows IS NULL

SET @SQL = 'SELECT @NumRows = COUNT(*) FROM ' + @DBObjectID
EXEC sp_executesql @SQL, N'@NumRows INT OUTPUT', @NumRows = @NumRows OUTPUT

        UPDATE #tables
        SET NumRows = @NumRows
        WHERE name = @DBObjectID

SELECT * FROM #tables ORDER BY name

DROP TABLE #tables


Out put of above is as follow


Even i do some customization further where we can select particular tables name as well for row count.

But here we have to go further add your required table @ place of <Expected Table names>


Then will have output in following way


Hope you use the script wherever required  !!

Happy Learning !!!


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Hope you will like this post on count of all records in all the tables.

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