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BISQL # 40 : SQL Server Code Name “Denali” CTP3 Product Guide


Hi Friends,

There is important good news for you !!

Today only Microsoft announce the release of the SQL Server Code Name “Denali” Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3) Product Guide v1. This is a single download that organizes the CTP3 content for easier viewing. It is available for download at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=225814.

This really content massive content for understanding Code Name “Denali” CTP3 as follows

The SQL Server Code Name “Denali” CTP3 Product Guide includes useful resources and demos that will help customers in their evaluation of CTP3. This includes: –

  • 14 Product Datasheets
  • 8 PowerPoint Presentations
  • 5 Technical White Papers
  • 13 Hands-On Lab Preview Documents
  • 6 Click-Through Demonstrations
  • 13 Self-Running Demonstrations
  • 26 Links to On-Line References
  • 44 Links to On-Line Videos including
  • 26 Presentations from North America TechEd 2011

For those who still not convince to download here is some more details about this guide Smile

14 Product Datasheets

  • Denali Overview
  • SQL Server High Availability Features
  • Security and Compliance
  • Managed Self-Service BI
  • Reporting Services
  • Analysis Services
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Quality Services
  • Master Data Services
  • Integration Services
  • HP Microsoft Business Data Warehouse Appliance
  • HP Microsoft Business Data Warehouse Appliance Poster
  • Optimize SQL Server for Private Cloud poster
  • Hyper-V Private Cloud

8 PowerPoint Presentations

  • Denali Technical Overview
  • Microsoft SQL Server: The Data and BI Platform for Today and Tomorrow
  • For Partners – Exploring Opportunities with the Cloud-Ready Information Platform and SQL Server Code Name "Denali"
  • Security Features Overview
  • All Up Data Warehouse: From SMP to Parallel Data Warehouse
  • Optimize SQL Server for Private Cloud Technical Presentation
  • Introducing Microsoft SQL Server Developer Tools,Code Name "Juneau": An Introduction to Doing Database Development in a Modern Way
  • Best Practices for Building Custom Open Data Protocol (OData) Services with Windows Azure

5 Technical White Papers

  • Denali Technical Overview
  • Column store Indexes for Fast Data Warehouse Query Processing
  • New Spatial Features in SQL Server
  • Hyper-V Cloud Practice Builder On boarding SQL Server Environments
  • Hyper-V is the best virtualization solution for SQL Server

13 Hands-On Lab Preview Documents

  • User Defined Server Roles
  • Contained Databases in SQL Server Code Name Denali
  • Exploring Project Crescent
  • Migrating Crystal Reports to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SharePoint 2010 Reporting Services
  • SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint Services
  • Developing a Business Intelligence Semantic Model
  • Analysing and Reporting with the Excel 2010 Client
  • Build Your First Report with SQL Azure Reporting
  • Introduction to SQL Server Enterprise Information Management
  • Using SQL Server Developer Tools Codename Juneau to Develop Your SQL Server Denali Database
  • Distributed Replay in SQL Server Code Name Denali
  • Multi-Server Management in SQL Server Code Name Denali

6 Click-Through Demonstrations

  • Always On Availability Groups
  • Reporting Services – Crescent Overview
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Resource Pooling
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Elasticity
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Self-Service Provisioning
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Control and Customize

13 Self-Running Demonstrations

  • Contained Database Authentication and Default Schema for Groups
  • User Defined Audit and Audit Filtering
  • User Defined Server Roles
  • Denali Security Instructions and Scripts for Recreating the Self-Running Demos Zip File
  • Reporting Services – Crescent Overview
  • Introduction to Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • Demo 1 – Data Quality Services (DQS)
  • Demo 2 – Using SSIS with DQS for Data Cleansing
  • Demo 3 – Master Data Services (MDS) Add-in for Excel
  • Demo 4 – Using SSIS with MDS for Lookups
  • Demo 5 – Using Query Column Store
  • Conclusion for EIM Demonstrations
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Resource Pooling
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Elasticity
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Self-Service Provisioning
  • SQL Server Private Cloud – Control and Customize


Don’t forget to provide product feedback here and to visit the SQL Server (Pre-release) forums for up-to-date discussions on product features.

Hope this helps  !!


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  1. singh
    October 15, 2011 at 4:46 am

    Hello, I’ve downloaded the guide and wanted to do teh hands on labs. However, I could not find any details on how to cnnect to the virtual machines that are mentioned in the documentation. should we setup those VMs locally or are they online for us to login directly? If so what is the URL?


    • October 30, 2011 at 2:11 am

      Madhura actually we don’t required VM as such for Lab.
      These VM we have to set in our one Dev/Local environment !!
      But you can directly practice this script on your own SQL Server Denali ..Hope you have installed SQL Server Denali dear !!
      Enjoy !! recently i have posted on few more features as well if possible look into those as well Madhura !
      Thanx for comment and visit my blog !!

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