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BISQL# 25 :Audit Trail Part : I- What is Audit Trailing ?


Hi Friends,

Auditing provides the ability to trace the information flow inside a database, including connection attempts, data updates, deletes, inserts and selects, execute functionality, and such. It is useful both for post-mortem scenarios and for on-going monitoring to prevent unauthorized activity.


Need of Audit trailing:

  • When we are performing any modification on the database and we need to track all the changes in the for Database at every level we will implement Audit trailing
  • As per Database requirement Auditing is most important aspect to track change details and easy to maintenance


In IT world for audit trails, they refer to keeping an auditable account of who changed the data in a table, when, from what and to what.

Basically, an audit trail is a way of tracking the details of all changes to data in certain database tables – usually in order to check the integrity of financial transactions. It provides a record of who has accessed a database and what operations he or she has performed during a given period of time

Auditing has nothing to do with the SQL standard, and is strictly vendor-dependent — in capabilities, implementation details, and so on.

Types of Auditing

  • Shadow table Auditing
  • Prototype pattern Auditing
  • CDC: Changed Data Capture
  • Output Clause
  • DBA level Auditing
  • Auto Audit

Now Lets dig into each one by one with other information

Shadow table Auditing:

Where we have Shadow of each table where we are storing all DML operation related information Details of this is posted in following link


Prototype pattern Auditing:

It’s a single table audit implementation with triggers


CDC: Changed Data Capture:

· This topic is Big, But I already having post on same topic

Output Clause:

Output Clause concept is somewhat not easily acceptable but one of blogger had really explained that in really nice way in following link


Auto Audit:

This is one of my favourite because everything is simple and easy to understand ,If your organization can afford triggers this is best solution I will suggest

Hope this Help !! Enjoy Learning !!


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