BI SQL # 281 : All Power BI Dashboard Query consolidated & Information

Hi Friends,

I have publish “SQL Server Info Dashboard” on Global Power BI series “Dashboard for Life Series ” on Episode 1.

I have used bunch of SQL Server queries in this dashboard, so thought of explaining you here.

This dashboard is inspiration and another example for DBA how they can use Power BI to simplify and structure Database Administration.

You all might know how

Following query used in Dashboard, Lets go one by one

  • ServerInfo
  • ServerSpace
  • Database
  • DatabaseLastBackup
  • DatabaseMasterFile
  • CurrentProcess

Dashboard look like –

Vishal's SQL Info Dashboard

Query Editor

When you will open dashboard in query editor mode, you will be able to see all of these point as data source as shown

Query Editor


This is custom query to get maximum information related to SQL Server

I have publish all details regarding this query recently on my blog –

Server Space

All details publish on 30 may 2013 – BI SQL # 115 : SQL Server DBA Scripts : Simply find DB Size in MB and GB


2016-11-19 19_34_56-SQLQuery4.sql - DESKTOP-E1J6A4F.master (DESKTOP-E1J6A4F_Vishal (55))_ - Microsof


Simple system table query

SELECT * FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases


All details are publish on recent blog – BI SQL # 279 : Get all last back up date and time with physical bak file path



Simple system table query

Select * from sys.master_files


All details publish on 4th November 2011 – BISQL # 68 – How to Kill Process Very Fast , With Analysis and Efficiently

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