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BI SQL # 192 : SQL Server DBA Scripts : Search string or pattern in SQL module definition

October 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi Folks,

In this article we are going to cover How to Search string or pattern in SQL module definition.

In this post we are going to discuss following points:

  • Problem Statement of SQL Script:
  • Description of SQL Script:
  • SQL Script Output Column
  • Input Parameter of SQL Script
  • SQL Script Code
  • SQL Script Output Screenshot
  • User Level to execute

Problem Statement of SQL Script:

Search string or pattern in SQL module definition.

Description of SQL Script:

This Script search through all module definition of trigger, stored procedure, functions etc. for a pattern.

SQL Script Output Column


Input Parameter of SQL Script

@pattern NVARCHAR (100)

SQL Script Code

DECLARE @pattern NVARCHAR(100);

SET @pattern = '%INSTEAD OF%';-- The search pattern. 

WITH def
AS (
    SELECT SCH.NAME + '.' + OBJ.NAME AS ObjectName
        ,OBJ.type_desc AS ObjectType
        ,OBJ.modify_date AS ObjectModifyDate
        ,PARSCH.NAME + '.' + PAROBJ.NAME AS ParentName
        ,PAROBJ.type_desc AS ParentType
        ,MDL.DEFINITION AS SqlDefinition
        ,PATINDEX(@pattern, MDL.DEFINITION) AS PosIndex
    FROM sys.sql_modules AS MDL
    INNER JOIN sys.objects AS OBJ ON MDL.object_id = OBJ.object_id
    INNER JOIN sys.schemas AS SCH ON OBJ.schema_id = SCH.schema_id
    LEFT JOIN sys.objects AS PAROBJ ON OBJ.parent_object_id = 
    LEFT JOIN sys.schemas AS PARSCH ON PAROBJ.schema_id = PARSCH.
SELECT def.ObjectName
        WHEN def.PosIndex = 0
            THEN '?'
        ELSE SUBSTRING(def.SqlDefinition, def.PosIndex - 10, LEN(
                    @pattern) + 20)
        END AS FoundPartDef
FROM def
ORDER BY def.ObjectName

SQL Script Output Screenshot


User Level to execute


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